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On a Canvas, On the Mend

October 22, 2018

What does it mean to achieve a state of "wellness?" This, and several other questions about mental and physical health, form the crux of the most recent exhibit at Lasell College's Wedeman Gallery.

Art for Healing Exhibit at the Lasell College Wedeman Gallery

Wellness: Art of Physical and Emotional Healing, curated by John Quatrale, explores the role of art as both a representation of and tool to achieve various states of wellness. According to the gallery, pieces in the collection explore wonderings such as:

  • How and why do we strive to achieve and maintain personal wellness?
  • Why do we sometimes fall short of attaining that goal?
  • What do we neglect when we focus on only one facet of our health?
  • What does it mean to have a balanced lifestyle, and what are the effects of falling out of balance?
  • What part does art play in making or fixing certain lifestyle choices?

Colorful canvases in a myriad of styles depict varied perspectives on the answers to these questions. The collection includes works from fourteen artists.

Art for Healing Exhibit at the Lasell College Wedeman Gallery

The exhibit is on display at the Wedeman Gallery at Lasell College through October 27. 

Photos by Matthew Searth '21