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Accountability and Action

June 15, 2020

Racial justice graphic: fist + equality scales

Two weeks after the death of George Floyd, Lasell University hosted two Zoom meetings with more than 150 participants to discuss racism and share resources on step-by-step improvements. The meetings were hosted by Dr. Jesse Tauriac, chief diversity officer.

A partial screening and dissection of the film 13th - a documentary on the criminalization of Black Americans - took place on June 8. Following that was a virtual vigil to stand in solemn solidarity with those impacted by police brutality and structural and institutional racism.   More than 60 community members remained on the call after. Some offered poignant thoughts about the current state of the country and shared actions they would take to move the needle. Others took to the comment section to share support and links to resources based on what speakers said. By the end of the call, one thing was clear - unity is needed to keep racism, both overt and convert, on its heels as we all move forward in demanding equality.  

Dev Singer, technical services and electronic resources librarian, created a Resource Guide on Racism to help connect values with action. Sections include "Current Events," "Support Resources for People of Color & Native Folks," and "Informational Resources for Allies." Singer can be reached at with any questions about the resource guide.

On June 16, 2020 (Tuesday), three days before Juneteenth, another Zoom forum is scheduled to discuss how each member of the Lasell community can promote racial justice. Login details and self-education materials are listed below.

Meeting ID: 971 7069 6750 
Password: 499415 

To further focus on understanding and battling racial bias and to increase self-education and dialogue around racism, please reference the bullets below.