ABC News Medical Correspondent Dr. Timothy Johnson Speaks at Lasell Village

ABC News Medical Correspondent Dr. Timothy Johnson Speaks at Lasell Village

October 17, 2012

Dr. Timothy Johnson, best known to television viewers as the longtime chief medical correspondent for ABC News on the ABC television network, spoke to members of the Lasell community Oct. 16 about health care reform, referencing his book,  The Truth About Getting Sick in America.

Johnson discussed his ideas for health care reform, describing examples of universal health care in other countries, including Germany and Canada, as possible options for the United States to consider. The talk was co-sponsored by Lasell's RoseMary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies and the Donahue Institute for Values in Public Life.

During his talk before an audience of Lasell Village residents, students and other members of the community, Johnson also predicted that the United States would be bankrupt from the ever-rising costs of health care if it does not enact health care reform in a substantial way. Johnson spent time explaining that the high costs of experimental medicine --  where patients want and receive the most recent medicines or procedures before they are tested or proven -- is partially to blame for the high cost of health care in this country. He stated that in many cases, these procedures and medicines are prescribed too soon, and therefore money is wasted when they do not turn out to be as successful as traditional treatments.

Johnson, who is an academic, pastor, physician, television journalist, and writer, has been recognized for his work including having earned the Gabriel Award in the best news story category for the two-part piece, "Alzheimer's: A Faded Memory," the Bradford Washburn Award presented by the Museum of Science, Boston, the Lewis Thomas Award for Communications from the American College of Physicians, and the Howard W. Blakeslee Award given by the American Heart Association. He is the founding editor of the Harvard Medical School Health Letter and co-editor of the Harvard Medical School Health Letter Book. He is also co-editor of the book Your Good Health, co-author of Let's Talk, and author of On-Call Guide to Men's Heath and Finding God in the Questions: A Personal Journey.