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Onward, Online

April 07, 2020

Lasell's Academic Achievement Center (AAC) has shared tips and resources for distance learning as faculty and students enter their second week of remote instruction. With all courses now online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAC and RoseMary B. Fuss Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) have put together different solutions to help the community adapt and thrive in this new learning environment. 

Academic Achievement Center Tips for Online Learning

Set up a structured week
Create a morning and evening routine. This will help you focus and be successful in unprecedented situations like this one. Set aside 6-8 hours a day for school, including time spent in class and completing reading and assignments.

Plan for productivity
Identify your productive times and try to do your schoolwork then. Plan study breaks where you get up and use a different aspect of your brain by taking a walk outdoors, accomplishing a home repair task, practicing mindfulness, or doing something creative.

Use conference calls, discussion posts, emails, phone calls, and social media to your advantage. And, don't forget about Starfish to schedule assistance with the AAC if you need extra support.

Keep goals in mind
What is your purpose for attending college? Try writing your goal for the semester or the future down and hang it somewhere to keep you motivated.  

The AAC has shareable templates for creating structured daily schedules, weekly study plans, and semester-at-a-glance trackers. All resources can be found on the AAC Canvas group, or by contacting Learning Specialists Karen Harrington, Jess Glauser, and Steve Hawthorne.