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A Fashionable Upgrade

February 26, 2019

The Lasell College Fashion Collection (LFC) launched a revised public website and a new online catalogue featuring approximately 600 of its 3,000 artifacts, under the leadership of Professor and Curator Jill Carey and Collections Manager Stephanie Hebert.

Carey, a professor of historic fashion, began the project two years ago when several circumstances aligned. First, the Collection received a "considerable donation" of over 1,200 fashion artifacts from the American Textile History Museum (ATHM), which closed its doors to the public in 2016. At the same time, the ATHM shared a grant with the College to employ Stephanie Hebert as its collections manager. The timing was perfect, as Carey had deemed the Collection's web content at the time to be outdated.

Turkish Costume from Lasell College Fashion Collection | Photo by Matthew Searth '21

Carey employed the help of students from the College's School of Fashion enrolled in Collection Research and Management, a 400 level course, to create and launch the website over several semesters. Jessie Bowens '18, Erika Patnaude '18, and Rebecca Glick '19 developed "terminology and metadata to help identify target audiences and drive them to the online collection," according to a recent article in Leaves.

With Hebert's guidance, two interns for the LFC, Lillian Baker '19 and Taylor Camillo '19, added their research on printed archival materials including the Ackermann Repository of early 19th fashion plates and over 50 examples of vintage fashion advertising from the 1920s through the 1960s. According to her interview with Leaves, Carey feels this work is critical in showing the "style, trends, and culture" of a given time period as expressed through fashion illustration.  

Embroidered Bag from Lasell College Fashion Collection | Photo by Matthew Searth '21

Glick continued work on the project this fall with Sarah Reese '20 and Lauren Muszynski '19. The site officially launched in December 2018 with photos from David Parnes, a local professional photographer, and Matthew Searth '21, the Collection's official student photographer. Though the launch marks a huge milestone for the project, there is still more work to be done, according to Carey.

"At present, we are revising a few areas of the website," she says. "We will add 80 more artifacts to the online catalogue, update Instagram, and create a few more bells and whistles while we design a brochure for the Collection."

This will all be accomplished with additional student help. Carey's current team includes Hannah Amorello '19, Adam Pajkowski '19, Cassandra Greeley '20, and Jocelyn Curran '19, who join Baker, Glick, Reese, Searth, and Muszynski in refining this historical assortment. Carey has high hopes for the LFC in the coming semesters to "display the significance and professionalism of this resource for both the Lasell and wider communities regarding education and design inspiration."

19th Century Fan from Lasell College Fashion Collection | Photo by Matthew Searth '21

Photos by Matthew Searth '21

Christopher Lynett, chief marketing officer, and Phillip Spencer, web content producer, supported work done by the LFC to launch its new online presence.