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Classroom Technology

Academic Support

Brennan Library

The library offers several services that are accessible whether you are on- or off-campus.

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RoseMary B. Fuss Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The TLC offers Student Support Services and Resources for Faculty.

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Remote Learning Support

Lasell IT has implemented four projects that prepare the University for success no matter the mode of instruction delivery: in classroom, remote, or hybrid.


While Zoom videoconferencing has been widely deployed at Lasell, it will officially be adopted as a supported tool. Any community member can login to Zoom using our customer SSO portal, and host conferences up to 40 minutes in duration. Licenses for Pro versions, which allow for conferences of up to 300 people and no time limits are available upon request through the IT Helpdesk by emailing In addition to Zoom, Lasell IT also supports Microsoft Teams, which includes robust videoconferencing, as well as Ring Central Meetings.Important Note: Rosen Auditorium will receive teleconferencing enhancements to allow true two-way video conferencing through Zoom, including multiple camera angles, microphones to pick up presenter and audience audio, as well as an additional video monitors so that audience members can view both the Zoom participant gallery as well as presenter content. Remote participants can see and hear what is happening in the room, as well as view presenter content. When used for classroom space, the room will accommodate 30 in-classroom students, even while honoring social distancing guidelines, and can be further utilized for events and meetings as well.  

Classroom Webcams

Lasell IT will be able to support webcams in all University classrooms that have a PC in the room. These cameras will be placed on top of the teaching station's existing monitor, and will include an HD 1080p camera and integrated microphone. The webcam, coupled with the faculty's video conferencing solution of choice (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Ring Central Meetings, etc) will allow for synchronous sharing of room presentation content, and give the remote participants a sense of what is happening in the classroom.  

Video Management Solution

Lasell IT, along with help from the Teaching and Learning Center, Academic Achievement Center, Library, and academic Deans have reviewed the industry leading video management solutions Panopto and Kaltura. These end-to-end video platforms integrate with Canvas and Zoom and provide an easy way for faculty to record themselves, along with their presentation material, for live or asynchronous lesson delivery. Recording, editing, hosting, streaming, and searching video content is all made easy with a video platform designed for education. Faculty and students can create videos anywhere and access videos, from any device, on-demand. These platforms support automatic captioning making them ADA compliant.These solutions are under review and a selection will be made and implemented in the coming weeks. 

Virtual Computer Lab

A virtual computer lab allows faculty and students to access University-licensed applications that would normally be available exclusively in on-campus computer labs only. The virtual infrastructure tools Lasell IT selected for this initiative is VMware Horizon, building on Lasell's existing investment in technology provided by industry-leading virtualization provider VMware. Applications hosted in this environment can be accessed anywhere, on or off campus, as long as a working Internet connection is available.