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Athletics Captains

“Being a team captain has helped me be a better communicator. The coach will relay information to me that I pass onto my teammates. T has also helped me to learn to lead by example. If I am working hard and following direction from the coach, my teammates will usually follow my lead.” Brandon Ganesh

What is it?
Captains are selected by their coaches and/or teammates based on their leadership abilities and commitment to the team.

Who is eligible?
Someone who has been a dedicated member of a varsity team for at least one year and has demonstrated leadership qualities.

What would I do, exactly?
Team captains are the leaders of the team on and off of the field. They will motivate their teammates, they will be a liaison between the coaching staff and the team and they will lead by example.

What will you learn?
They will learn how to communicate with a group setting, how to set goals, how to motivate their teammates and how to bring a group of people together for a common goal.

How can you find out more?
Become a member of the team, talk to current team captains, talk to the coach.

What should you do next?
Be a vocal team player on your team, work with your coaches to provide a cohesive team atmosphere, be a good role model for your peers on your team, let your coach know that you are interested in possibly being a team captain.

Athletic Captain positions are unpaid.

Contact Information: Head coach of team; Athletic Director

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Office Location: Athletic Center/Forest Suites
Phone: 617-243-2147