2013 - 2014 Student Handbook

Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking at Lasell College is under the control of the Department of Public Safety. The Campus Police offices are located on the first level of Winslow Hall, 80 Maple Street; the telephone number is 617-243-2279 (or extension 2279 in the College system). Parking at Lasell College is a privilege, not a right. Students found in violation of any College policy, rule or regulation may have their parking privileges revoked by the Director of Public Safety; this is in addition to any other sanctions that may be issued to a student. Any student who receives six or more tickets for parking violations will have their parking permit revoked by the Director of Public Safety. Any student who receives six or more parking violations, will not be eligible for a parking permit for a period of one year.

Vehicle Operation on Campus
Vehicles are only permitted to operate on proper streets and in parking lots. Driving and parking is prohibited on fields, grass, or walking paths. Drivers must obey all traffic laws, and operate their vehicles in a safe manner at all times while on Lasell College property. Operating vehicles in an unsafe manner may result in the revocation of parking privileges and / or possible criminal complaints. Students may not drive on the Emergency Vehicle Access road that connects the Central and Valentine parking lots. Neither mopeds nor mini-bikes are permitted on or in Lasell College property at any time.