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Room Change Requests

Before completing the Room Change Request Form, please thoroughly read and understand this page that explains the entire process in detail.

An important element of your experience at Lasell is residential life. In many respects, your experience living in a house or residence hall at Lasell can be an extension of your classroom education. Within your house or hall, you have the opportunity to be part of a community, to provide input regarding the expectations of community living, to participate in educational and social activities, and to learn from your peers in the process. The Office of Residential Life recognizes that not all people are compatible and at times a room change may be the only solution to a persistently difficult situation. The staff is available to assist resident students with any problem they may be encountering.

The specifics of the Room Change Request process are as follows:

Step I

Complete the attached Room Change Request Form with as much information as possible and return it to the Office of Student Affairs as quickly as possible.

At this time you must also make an appointment to meet with the Area Coordinator of the building to which you are currently assigned.

The Area Coordinator then has two possible next steps: a) they may require an additional meeting with all of the residents of your current room; or b) they may contact by phone all of the roommates involved in the request, including proposed roommates, to make sure that they are fully aware that a request has been submitted and that a change affecting their room could occur.

Step II

Attend the scheduled meeting(s) with the Area Coordinator for your area. Following the meeting(s) the Area Coordinator will make a recommendation regarding the room change to the Coordinator of Housing Operations.

Step III

The Coordinator of Housing Operations, working with the Area Coordinators, will process all requests. Room change requests will be processed as quickly as possible, based upon the priority of requests, students having submitted all paperwork and scheduled meetings in a timely manner, and the availability of spaces throughout the process.

Step IV

You will receive an e-mail stating whether your room change request has been either approved or declined. The Office of Residential Life uses the following system to make decisions:

  • For students requesting a mutual room switch (in which all parties agree), approval will be granted as soon as all paperwork is completed and processed.
  • For students requesting a single room, requests will be filled on a space available basis. At this time, single rooms are limited. If a single room is not available, students' names will be added to a waiting list for a single room. Students will be notified throughout the academic year if a space becomes available.
  • For students requesting to be placed with a new, unspecified roommate or roommates, the students will be offered an available space that matches their request depending upon availability.
  • When two or more students from different rooms are requesting an assignment to a completely vacant space, the Residential Life staff will offer the space to the student with higher priority or seniority. The other student(s) will be notified, as space becomes available.
NOTE: The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to determine the order in which requests are handled. Completion of a Room Change Request Form is not a guarantee of a room change.
Step V
Approved Room Changes

If you decide to accept the room change, the Area Coordinator will assist you in making preparations to be checked out of your current room and into your new room. Failure to officially check out of your current room will jeopardize the new assignment.

If you decide not to accept the room change offered your Room Change Request Form will be kept on file in the event that a different room matching your request becomes available at a later date.

NOTE: Approved room changes must be completed within three business days after meeting with a staff member from the Office of Residential Life. After three days, the change will be considered null and void.
Declined Room Changes

If your Room Change Request states that your request has been declined it is most likely due to a lack of available spaces. Your name will be added to a waiting list for available spaces that match your request, unless you let the Office of Residential Life know otherwise.