AlcoholEdu at Lasell College

Alcohol use is a serious issue in the lives of college students. To help Lasell students become aware and educated about alcohol, Lasell College has joined hundreds of colleges and universities across the country in adopting AlcoholEdu.

AlcoholEdu is a research-based 1-hour course taken by students developed and managed by an independent company called Everfi. This program is required for every incoming first-year student at Lasell College. The course avoids preaching about alcohol use, but instead educates students about the effects of alcohol. AlcoholEdu is confidential and personalized for each student. Each course includes 5 modules of content, personalized feedback, interactive exercises, and access to a social networking site.

Research has shown that attitudes and beliefs about alcohol use are often influenced during the first six weeks on campus. Surveys from students who completed AlcoholEdu reported much lower negative personal, health, and academic consequences associated with alcohol use.

AlcoholEdu is entirely confidential. The answers go straight into a database and nobody sees any individual answers. In addition to educating incoming students about alcohol, Lasell takes the cumulative information from the student to track alcohol trends and respond to student needs for alcohol intervention and education.

BASICS at Lasell College

The Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is a two session alcohol assessment and education intervention designed to help you explore your alcohol and drug use in a non-judgmental environment. The program's goal is to reduce risky behavior and the harmful consequences of alcohol abuse.

The BASICS program uses a harm reduction approach and is designed to:

  • Promote a non-judgmental environment to help you explore your alcohol use
  • Reduce risky behavior and harmful consequences of alcohol abuse
  • Identify changes that could help you reduce your risk
  • Provide important information and skills for risk reduction  

The BASICS program is helpful to many people. BASICS helps you examine your alcohol use, identify changes that could work for you and reduce your risk of future problems; it is not therapy or substance abuse treatment.

Students who violate Lasell College's alcohol policies may be required to attend BASICS.  

To schedule your first BASICS appointment please email or call (617) 243-2124

For more information please click this link, BASICS brochure

Additional Alcohol Resources