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COVID-19 Study and Course


The CO-EPIC Study is an epidemiological study: a retrospective cohort analysis of the Lasell community's experience with COVID-19. CO-EPIC stands for College and the Epidemiology of COVID-19. The study was approved by the Lasell University Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) in mid-August 2020. Recruitment is currently ongoing. Additional details for the Lasell community (student, staff, or faculty) are available through MyLasell. There, you can also find the the Informed Consent form to enroll.

COVID-19 Course

In mid-spring, the COVID-19 Task Force initiated a series of conversations about protecting the Lasell community if the university was to re-open as a residential campus in the Fall. A major part of the effort to re-open centers on students and their safety. Health education -- the what and how of COVID-19, as well as preventative measures, including surveillance testing, symptom monitoring, and individual prevention behaviors -- is a critical part of informing students and the larger community about mitigating the spread of COVID-19. The video lectures of the required COVID-19 Course, which first appeared on Canvas, are below.