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Requesting Accommodations

Requesting Academic and/or On-Campus Residential Accommodations

Determining Reasonable Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a course, program, service, activity or facility that enables a qualified student with a disability to have an equal opportunity to attain the same level of performance or enjoy equal benefits and privileges as those that are available to similarly situated students without disabilities. The University is obligated to provide accommodation only to the known limitations of an otherwise qualified student with a disability.

Reasonable accommodations are determined by examining the barriers in the campus community resulting from a documented disability. Considerations may include the possible accommodations that might remove the barriers; whether or not the student has access to the course, program, service, activity or facility without an accommodation; and whether or not essential elements of the course, program, service, activity or facility are compromised by the accommodations.

Academic Needs

Students with learning or physical challenges who provide current medical and/or psycho-educational documentation may receive appropriate accommodations.

How to Request Academic Accommodations at Lasell University
Contact: Dolores Radlo, Director of the Academic Achievement Center & Learning Disabilities Services at, 617-243-2474

On-Campus Needs

Students with disabilities who provide current medical and/or clinical documentation may also receive appropriate accommodations outside of their classroom experience. Accommodation requests may include housing accommodations for residential students, approval of service or emotional support animals, special needs parking, and food modification plans.

How to Request Non-Academic On-Campus Accommodations at Lasell University
Contact: Scott Lamphere, Director of Disabilities Services and Section 504 Coordinator at, 617-243-2115

Accommodations at Lasell University

Accommodations are determined on an individual basis, upon review of comprehensive disability documentation and confidential consultation with the student requesting accommodation. Students requesting accommodations must provide appropriate documentation to the Academic Achievement Center and/or the Director of Disability Services in a timely manner, and whenever possible in advance of the beginning of an academic term.

Incoming first-year and transfer students should submit documentation that is consistent with due dates published in Lasell University's Welcome Packet. Accommodation requests and documentation received after established deadlines will receive full consideration, but receipt after identified deadlines may delay the process and/or limit accommodation options, particularly as it relates to on-campus needs.