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Understanding more about your interests, personality, values, skills, and abilities will help you make informed choices both at Lasell University and beyond.

The Career Development Center has many ways for you to start learning more about yourself. Our assessments provide individualized career profiles that can be used to point you in the direction of career paths that would likely suit you best. The assessments we offer are:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Understanding your personality type and preferences can help you with your choice of majors and subjects in school, to choosing your first career or changing careers later in life.
  • Strong Interest Inventory: This assessment measures your interest in occupations, work and leisure activities and school subjects. You're compared with people who are successfully employed with similar interests to identify possible career fields.
  • Skills Assessment: This inventory is designed to help you determine skills and increase your marketability for employment. It can provide information on self-assessed skills and abilities that you can then use in communicating your skillset to potential employers.
  • Values Clarification: Understanding values is central to making informed career decisions that align with your beliefs and needs. Use this assessment to clarify your values and preferences.

Self-understanding is the foundation on which you will build your future. So if you are unsure what you are passionate about or how to best describe your interests, personality, values, skills, and abilities, you've come to the right place!