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Parking and Shuttle Service

Commuters who opt to drive to campus must obtain a commuter parking permit and park in the designated commuter lots. This permit does not allow for overnight parking. If on occasion a commuting student wishes to park his/her vehicle on campus overnight, that student must notify the Campus Police and let them know that the vehicle will be parked in a designated commuter lot. This will insure that a parking ticket will not be issued that night. Parking permits are issued at Campus Police.

Any individual who alters a permit, or is found in possession of a counterfeit or altered parking sticker, may be subject to criminal prosecution, temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges, and fines in the amount up to the cost of a full-year permit.

Parking Fees
A $120 (or $60 for a one-semester permit) non-refundable parking deposit is required of all students applying for a parking permit, and the remaining fee amount must be paid in full prior to the issuance of a parking permit. Parking fees may be paid by the semester or the year. Within a semester, no refund of parking fees will be made to a student who leaves the University or no longer has a vehicle on campus. If applicable, parking fees will be refunded, upon request, to a student who terminates parking prior to the beginning of an academic semester.

For additional parking rules and regulations, please refer to the Student Handbook or email Campus Police at

Lasell Shuttle
The Lasell Shuttle is accessible throughout the day. For specific times and locations, check out our interactive map.

Campus Police is located on the 1st Floor of the Winslow Academic Center at 80 A Maple Street.