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Planing a Dance on Campus

 Hosting a dance on campus can be fun, but also takes a great deal of time and planning. Dances at Lasell College fall under one of two policies: the Club 1851 Policy or the Major Events Policy. Due to these policies, the steps needed to plan a dance can differ from other events. This handout will guide you through the process, but remember, you need to speak with the Office of Student Activities before anything can be finalized!  

Meet with the Office of Student Activities

As soon as your organization has decided to plan a dance, you should meet with the Office of Student Activities to talk about venues and dates. Events are planned early, and the staff can help you determine when the best time and date would be to hold your event. During the meeting, major policies will be reviewed to ensure your club is aware of all the expectations that go along with hosting a dance.  

Fill out an Event Registration Form

This is required at least 10 business days before your proposed event. Dances can be a different circumstance, however, because of the need for a DJ. When hiring a DJ, clubs will need to turn in a contract, which requires at least 4 weeks notice to the Office of Student Activities. The Office of Student Activities can help make sure that space is available for the date you choose, and work out any needs your DJ might have.  

Submit Reservations and Requests

Once approved, your advisor must reserve space for the dance. If the dance takes place on a Thursday or Friday, the Campus Center should be reserved beginning at 2:00 P.M. to allow for set up time by Plant Operations. If the event is on a Saturday, begin the reservations on Friday afternoon to allow for set up time during the week. In addition, submit a request to Plant Operations to have the walls taken down on the second floor and the room cleared of tables and chairs.   All dances required a police detail provided by Campus Police. This request must be submitted through the Office of Student Activities at least 10 business days prior to the dance.   If you are collecting an entry fee, submit a Cash Box Request Form at least 10 business days in advance using OrgSync Forms.  

Get Volunteers and Set Up

Volunteers from your organization should be available to set up at least 1 hour prior to the start of the dance. Your DJ should also be present one hour prior to the event to set up and complete sound check. Campus Police Officers will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start of the event.   Windows on the doors leading to exit stairwells must be covered. Decorations may be set up. At the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor, set up a table to collect the entry fee (if applicable) and to check Lasell Student IDs.  

Clean Up and Follow Up

Be sure to leave the space as you found it. Clean up any decorations or trash. Take down signs and paper covering the windows. Make sure to report your attendance number to the Office of Student Activities and return a cash box if you used one.