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Campus Life

Where We Stand Forum

February 26, 2019

On Thursday January 31st, the Lasell College Student Government Association (SGA) posted a discussion to talk about WHERE WE STAND in regard to diversity and inclusion initiatives across campus. At this forum, students, staff, and faculty had the opportunity to post questions to SGA via social media, email, and in person regarding any updates that the institution has made toward the racial climate on campus and in the classroom. Coming from a panel of six members of the Lasell community, ranging from campus police to the Donehue institute for diversity, ethics, and inclusion, these departments had a chance to speak on what they had worked on following the racial forums held in the spring 2018 semester. From those forums the institution has made  strides and change from an administrative to a student level to enhance the Lasell students experience and make it welcoming to all students. SGA is proud to have hosted such a powerful discussion regarding these important campus wide issues and where we will strive to be in the future. SGA stands as the voice of the student body and a bridge between the administration and students. We aim to better the student experience and encourage all to see us a resource as a benefit to all students at Lasell. If you would like to contact SGA regarding anything involving you as a student or anything we should be aware of contact us through our email or our social media.