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Student Development Program

Leadership at Lasell
The Office of Student Activities and Orientation is proud to offer a variety of options for students looking to explore and develop their leadership potential. In addition to the seven programs listed below, all students are encouraged to take on a leadership position. Examples include: officer in a club or organizations, orientation leader, work study student, and many more. Stop by the Office of Student Activities and Orientation to explore your interest in leadership!

Exploring Leadership
Exploring Leadership is the semester long introductory leadership course offered by the Office of Student Activities and Orientation. This seminar style course explores leadership through presentations and discussions. Students will develop presentations skills, individual and group, as they develop their own personal leadership philosophy. Students interested in the spring need to fill out an application and can email for more information. 

Exploring Leadership is offered as a First Year Seminar course in the fall for students in the Student Leadership Scholars program, and in each spring semester for all students. 

Emerging Leaders
Emerging Leaders is a semester long program offered by the Office of Student Activities and Orientation. In seminar style workshops students develop and build upon previous leadership experience and learn how to apply it at Lasell University.  Weekly sessions feature an array of topics including public speaking, diversity, ethical decision making, balance, goal setting, teamwork, and leadership opportunities on campus. These workshops are designed to build skills and develop the foundation for leadership roles.  

Emerging Leaders is offered in in the fall to all students and each spring to students in the Student Leadership Scholars program. Students interested in the fall session need to fill out an application and can email 

Advanced Leadership Seminar
The Advanced Leadership Seminar is for seasoned student leaders. Guest speakers will be invited to share their successes in business, politics, the non-profit sector, or life in general with a tie to student leadership. In a small discussion format, students will be encouraged to ask questions and learn from the featured guest. Four or five guests will be invited each semester. These seminars are by invite only and students must RSVP. Students interested need to fill out an application and can email

Student Leadership Scholars
The Student Leadership Scholars are chosen each year as part of the incoming first year class. This group focuses on leadership development during their time at Lasell.

Passport Program
Lasell's passport program is designed to assist students as they navigate the 4 year co-curriculum Student Leadership Development Program the Office of Student Activities and Orientation produces and oversees. The Passport program touches each program, encourages community service, and engagement in the community through student clubs and organizations. 

For more information on these programs, participants, or to volunteer to present a session for one of these programs, please contact the Office of Student Activities and Orientation at or call (617) 243-2475.