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 SGA 2020-2021 Executive Officers 

Name: Olivia Tata 
Position: President  
Major: Accounting and Finance
Hometown: Shrewbury, MA 
Bio: My name is Olivia Tata, I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Finance, and I am from Shrewsbury, MA. I have been on SGA ever since my first-year at Lasell and I joined SGA to develop my leadership skills and to be a voice for the students of the university. Over the course of being on SGA, it amazed me how much we were able to make a difference and positive change within Lasell, and I only expect us to keep that going. A goal that I have for SGA this year is to encourage everyone that their voices matter and deserve to be heard. It is important to know as Lasell students we can make a difference in how we spend our time here. My favorite thing that Lasell has to offer is the multiple opportunities you have to get involved and the friendly community. I look forward to helping Lasell grow and prosper in any way I can.

Name: Xavier Fort
Position: Vice President of Student Affairs 
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Bio: My name is Xavier Fort, but everyone calls me Xay. I am from Hartford, Connecticut, the 860, and am a Senior here at Lasell. I have been a Dean's List recipient (Twice), and I am SGA's Vice President of Student Affairs. My top 3 favorite music genres are Soul, Reggae and Hip Hop. I can speak three different languages, English, Patois and basic Spanish. In the past I was a part of the CT Center for Nonviolence for the City of Hartford, I was a public speaker for the center, and I did community servings in Jamaica Plain serving food to individuals and families with Type 2 diabetes. A fun fact about me is I am a Poet, a self-model, and I like to dance.

Name:Amanda Hawkes 
Position: Vice President of Academic Affairs  
Major: Hospitality Management 
Hometown: Bellrica, MA 
Bio: My name is Amanda Hawkes, I’m a senior business management major from Billerica, Mass. I’m the 2020-2021 Vice President of Academic Affairs, and along with Student Government I’m the treasurer of the Senior Class Committee, work in the admissions office and have spent 2 summers as an Orientation Leader. A fun fact about me is that I can say the alphabet backwards! 

Name: Kaylie Silva 
Position: Vice President of Financial Affairs  
Hometown: Douglas, MA
Bio: My name is Kaylie Silva, I am a sophomore business management major with a minor in accounting.  I am currently involved with the Student Government Association (SGA), and am continuing to explore other clubs and organizations on campus.  I joined SGA to expand my knowledge throughout campus and share my own ideas on ways to make students feel more comfortable and voice their opinions. I enjoy being a part of a team in which I can work with others to create a sufficient environment for other students.  Being with SGA, I finally feel as though I am noticed and can get involved within our community.  I wish to make Lasell an enjoyable experience, in which everyone should feel accepted and be able to reach out to our team with any concerns.  Along with SGA, some of my favorite things to do involve traveling and spending time with friends and family!
Name: Melaney Jenkins
Position: Vice President of Communications  
Major: Elementary Education 
Hometown: Hull, MA 
Bio: My name is Melaney Jenkins and I am the Vice President of Communications. I am junior Elementary education Major from Hull, MA. I joined SGA my first year at Lasell and haven’t been able to take me away since. I originally joined SGA because I wanted to make a difference at Lasell, but now I know SGA is much more than that. You have the opportunity to learn more and be a part of something bigger than you imagined. I am the Vice President of the Class of 2022, Vice President of Tomorrow’s Teachers, and I work in the Admissions Office. A fun fact about me is I have a twin brother!

SGA 2020-2021 General Senate

Class Presidents

Kevin Name: Kevin Fay '21
Position: Senior Class President
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Templeton, MA
Bio:  I like being class president because it gives me a chance to represent the voices of the class of 2021 and take action on those concerns. I put on events that help bring students of different social groups into one social class. As a transfer student, I know the difficulties of finding your people on campus, so to combat that, I like the opportunity to reach out to as many students as I can to let them know they always have a seat  at my table!, a fun fact about me is I've been attacked by a turkey!

Maggie Name: Maggie Clukey '22
Position: Junior Class President
Major: Event Management  
Hometown: Westerly, RI
Bio:  My name is Maggie Clukey, I am a Junior Event Management major from Westerly, RI. Something I noticed when coming to Lasell was that my class of 2022 personally didn't feel as connected to the school and the other classes as much as they should be, I asked around and realized that it wasn't just my class who felt that disconnect. I joined the Student Government Association (SGA) last year at Lasell to help try to connect the different class years with each other and the school and provide that two-way conversation that needs to be available. This year I wanted to continue to achieve this goal while also listening to everyone on campus to hear them voice their concerns and issues and helping them the best to my ability. As the Junior Class President of SGA here at Lasell, I am a part of a group of different people who all have different goals while being on SGA, which gives the group different perspectives of what we need to get done. We all have different goals, but one goal we have in common is to make this great college as great as it can be, which is something truly special. Besides being a part of SGA, I am the Class President of the Class of 2022, the Co-President of Random Acts of Kindness, the President of the Campus Activities Board, a Member of the American Cancer Society, a 2020 Orientation Leader, as well as a Peer Mentor. When I am not at school, I love to be anywhere that the ocean is, boating, and spending time with my family  and friends! 

Michael  Name:Michael Woo '23
Position: Sophomore Class President
Major: Management and Marketig  
Hometown: Amesbury, MA
Bio: My name is Michael Woo and I am the Sophomore Class President. I am from Amesbury, MA and I am majoring in Management and Marketing. I serve on the Student Government Association (SGA), representing the Class of 2023. In SGA I also serve on the Financial Affairs Committee which oversees club funding throughout the year and general financial issues that may arise within the institution. I am involved in the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Multicultural Student Union (MSU). On campus I am an Honors Student and a Leadership Scholar.

Name: Anthony Bruno
Position: First-Year Class President  
Major: Sports Management 
Hometown: East Walpole, MA 
Bio: My name is Anthony Bruno, and I am from East Walpole Massachusetts. I am a Sports Management major and am very excited to get involved at Lasell.  I am a first year student here at Lasell and will be commuting for the time being. I have a big interest in Athletics and have played sports all my life. Along with attending Lasell, I am currently an active Real Estate agent in Boston and am a certified Notary Public as well. I got involved with SGA because I feel like it gives me a unique perspective on how the school is run from the outside in. I look forward to working with everyone and meeting new faces along the way. 


Name: Emma Chai '24 
Position: Senator 
Major: Fashion Merchandising 
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Bio:My name is Emma Chai, I am a freshman majoring in Fashion Merchandising and I am from Honolulu, Hawai'i. On campus, along with SGA, I am currently involved with Polished Magazine where I am a part of both the Instagram and Blog teams. I am also involved with the Fashion Styling and Photography Club, the Campus Activities Board, and the Random Acts of Kindness Club. I am also a Leadership Scholar and am a part of the Lasell Works program. I wanted to join SGA because I was looking to try something new, get involved with my new community and help to create a positive change and better improve our college. So far, my favorite part of Lasell is all the different areas of support and opportunities the school has to offer its students. This semester I am looking forward to getting involved, meeting new people, and collaborating with other students and faculty to make this community even better. 

Name: Sophia Couto
Position: Senator 
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Pepperell, MA 
Bio: My name is Sophia Couto and I'm a first-year majoring in marketing (on campus), but I'm also interested in business management! I'm from Pepperell, Ma which is a small farm town on the boarder of NH. Aside from SGA Senator for the Student Affair Committee, I'm also the Class of 2024 Secretary, a member of Lasell Votes, and a member of Lasell's DECA team.  I wanted to join to SGA because I always enjoy being involved in and giving back to the community that I'm a part of. There's no better way to do that at Lasell than joining SGA! I'm very excited to be a member of the Student Affair Committee because with my position on the 2024 Class Committee, I'll truly be able to listen to and help my peers have Lasell become what they want it to be. A fun fact about me is I'm afraid of heights, like "I don't like walking on the second floor of the mall" scared of heights!

Name: Emily Lifson 
Position: Senator 
Major: Hospitality Management 
Bio: My Name is Emily Lifson and I am from Charlton Mass. My major is Hospitality Management with a minor in Event Management. Why I wanted to join Student Government Association, (SGA) is because I want my voice to be heard and I wanted to be part of a fun group that is on campus. My favorite thing about Lasell so far is how nice and sweet everyone has been so far. This school is definitely small but I absolutely love it because really everyone knows you! Fun fact about me is that ever since I was little, I have always had glasses, I am actually in a eye book that students at Harvard learn out of and learn about young babies that need to have glasses and why at such a young age I needed them!

Name: Kares Mack
Position: Senator 
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Boston, MA 
Bio: My name is Kares Mack, and I'm a freshman Criminal Justice major from Boston, MA. I'm a part of the Lasell Track team, as well as the DECA club. I'm also Vice President for the class of 2024! I joined the Student Government Association because I want to make a difference for everyone here at Lasell. I'm passionate about making sure that everyone feels included and welcome, as well as making sure that everyone feels like they have a safe space here.

Name: Bo Moore 
Position: Senator 
Major: Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Management.
Hometown: Northborough, MA 
Bio: My name is Bo Moore, I am a Junior studying for three degrees, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Management. I joined SGA to go beyond, making a change on campus and giving back to the community that I love so much. I am from Northborough Massachusetts, with my preferred way to have fun is playing video games while telling stories and giving advice to those who want to hear it. Spending most of my time pushing myself in high school, even creating and publishing an official document for the American Antiquarian Society, I plan on doing the same at Lasell University. 

Name: Julia Ramza 
Position: Senator 
Major: Biology 
Hometown: Boston, MA 
Bio: My name is Julia Ramza and I am majoring in biology with a minor in psychology from Boston, MA. I joined the Student Government Association (SGA) my first year at Lasell University because I wanted to help students have their voices heard, especially first year students. I am a member of the Health Professions Club, Psi Chi Club and POLISHED Magazine’s Social Media Team. I enjoy meeting new students and making connections through my involvement on campus. I love the positive atmosphere, the great connections I've made and the tight knit community of students on campus. It makes me truly proud and happy when I can help make students' ideas become reality and start a wave of positive change. With my time spent on the SGA I hope to have every single Lasell University student feel heard, welcome and to create/ spread as much positive change as possible because it’s something I’m passionate about. A fun fact about me is that I am quadrilingual!

Name: Haley Sherman 
Position: Senator 
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Taunton, MA 
Bio: My name is Haley Sherman, I am a junior double majoring in psychology and criminal justice from Taunton, MA. On campus, I am involved in Drama Club, Student Government Association, and Psi Chi, and am a peer tutor in the Academic Achievement Center and Blue Key Society ambassador. I joined SGA because I am passionate about ensuring my peers’ voices are heard and making Lasell a better place every day. My favorite thing about Lasell is how actively we participate in different social justice movements!


Name: Kemley Joseph
Position: Commuter Representative 
Major: Psychology and Pre-Law 
Hometown: Mattapan, MA 
Bio: My name is Kemley Joseph. I am a sophomore, psychology and pre-law major from Mattapan, Boston. I joined Student Government Association to develop my communication skills and leadership skills. A fun fact about me is I speak three different languages; French, Haitian- creole and English. Currently, I am trying to learn how to speak Korean.


Name: Jennifer "Jenny" Granger Sullivan
Position: Director of Student Activites and Orientation and SGA Advisor
Bio: My name is Jennifer L. Granger Sullivan and most friends and family call me Jenny. I am originally from West Springfield, MA and currently live in Waltham, MA. I just moved to Waltham this summer with my husband, Ben, after living in Boston, MA for a decade. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for my undergrad studies in history and graduated from the University of Vermont for my graduate studies in higher education and student affairs administration. I am currently pursuing my doctor in education degree from Northeastern University. I have worked at Lasell College for the last twelve years and have served SGA for nine of those years. I have served as the assistant director of student activities and the director of student activities and orientation. I enjoy traveling and vacationing all over New England, watching TV, listening to music, going for walks, spending time at the beach, going to concerts and shows, and spending time with loved ones.