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CSI: Lasell College

Photo by Matthew Searth '21Photo by Matthew Searth '21

This spring, it was not unusual to find mock crime scenes around campus as students in forensic science courses put skills in blood spatter and fingerprint analysis, ballistics evaluation, and evidence collection to use.

These exercises give students the opportunity to “identify, document, collect, and process evidence they may encounter as crime scene investigators,” said Lasell College Professor of Chemistry Kimberly Farah, who is also the program director for applied forensic science.

Lasell Village residents staged a scene for student evaluation in early April. Shortly after, students in Farah’s forensics class created a scene of their own for their peers to investigate. Another was created by Kayla Levatin ’19, who took on a forensic science internship with Farah this semester.

“I devised the storyline for the scene to help me understand how a chain of events could lead to the situation displayed. I kept wounds and blood spatter patterns consistent with the weapons used, and had to think about what signs of a struggle might look like,” she said.

“In devising those details, I gained a better understanding of what to look for in a real situation.”

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