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President's Letter to Alumni and Friends

President Michael B. Alexander

Dear Lasell Alumni and Friends:
When I see the buds starting to form on the trees around campus after this exceptionally long winter, I think about graduation and the more than 450 students who will leave Lasell College to make their mark on the world. It is a joyful time of year when we celebrate the accomplishments of our students and the journey that they are completing.

Graduation also provides an opportunity for us to reflect on Lasell's past, present and future. The past two decades have seen significant change for our college; but the outside world will not let us rest. New technologies are upon us before we have learned to use previous ones. People, and our students in particular, are becoming more interconnected. Few things are constant - and for higher education that is a challenge. There are risks associated with change - and with not changing. Lasell must continue to innovate and lead all colleges into a new age where education is both better and more affordable. Our students deserve it, and our nation's security depends on it.

Our new Core Curriculum, which you read about in the last issue of Leaves, represents the next evolution of our Connected Learning philosophy. The power of this educational philosophy is that it helps students develop intellectual and emotional skills which enable them to become connected with their professions, with diverse groups of people, and with the issues which affect our world.

The actions our students take, the causes they champion, and the passion they exude give us clues about how we measure up as a learning institution. The College is clearly succeeding; one needs only to read about the achievements of the alumni showcased in this issue to see that.

But are we prepared for the next generation of learners?

It is impossible to know what the future will bring, but there are two factors that give me significant hope. First, our faculty, staff and students are up to the challenge. They are smart, and innovative, and committed to improving upon our already strong foundation. Second, we have you and other members of the college community, who contribute so much of your time, talent and treasure to ensuring Lasell continues to be a place where every student matters.

Please know that as we prepare for Commencement, I am bursting with pride in our institution, thankful for your generous support, and working to secure Lasell College for another 164 years.

Michael B. Alexander


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