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Our Greatest Resource: The People of Lasell

Letter to Alumni and Friends

Michael Hoyle, Vice President for Administration and Finance and CFO

Dear Lasell Alumni and Friends

In my nine years at Lasell, I have witnessed a vibrant institution, growing and innovating, in a diverse community of rich, collaborative learning. These attributes not only describe the academic approach of the College, but also the direction of the institution as a whole. And, 2016 marks a number of exciting milestones for Lasell that continue to position us well to confront the challenges, and embrace the opportunities, that lie ahead.

During this period, we have built three new residence halls while extensively renovating three others. In a joint venture with our food service partner Sodexo, we completely remodeled our dining hall to significantly expand the dining opportunities for students and staff, while also enhancing the student experience and creating a true community hub on campus. Fashion and Communication students and faculty enjoy the new Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts, and we all benefit from the thoughtful design of the Arnow and Van Winkle quads, serenely nestled between the residence halls.

We recently broke ground on a transformational Academic Center that will enable true interdisciplinary collaboration. With an anticipated completion date of December 2017, the new Center will provide our community with 20 state-of-the-art classrooms and six labs, including science labs, a math lab and an athletic training lab.

It is, however, much more than the brick, mortar and advanced technology that set Lasell apart. Lasell has always prioritized investment in its people. In recent years, we have almost doubled the size of our full-time faculty, created a professional advising team, expanded the Academic Achievement Center, added two learning specialists and a faculty internship coordinator, created both the Office for International Services and the Office for Disability Services and hired a Diversity Officer.

At all levels of the institution, Lasell is leading by example, collaborating with other regional colleges to improve the college experience while also controlling costs. This not only makes strong business sense and honors our commitment to our students and supporters, but it is also directly aligned with the Lasell mission statement to engage in collaborative learning and growth. In recognition of our leadership in this area, Lasell received the distinguished National Association of College and University Business Officers Innovation Award in July (see page x). Recent examples include a shared police force with Mount Ida College and shared IT services with Pine Manor College. As a founding member of the EdHealth Collaborative, Lasell united with 11 other colleges to more effectively negotiate health coverage for employees. As a result, Lasell has bucked the industry trend, and employees have not seen an increase in premiums for over four years.

This is certainly a challenging time for small, private institutions like Lasell. But during these nine years, unlike most comparable colleges, Lasell has managed to avoid tapping our endowment for operating expenses. By proactively exploring thoughtful synergies with other institutions, expanding our infrastructure strategically and investing most significantly in our greatest resource - the people of Lasell - our future looks very bright indeed.


Michael Hoyle
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Chief Financial Officer


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