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They Met Their Mates at Lasell

Seven now-married couples came to campus in October for Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend.

Some of them met cute (and fast), others took their time, but all of these couples moved forward together. And, in one way or another, they have their alma mater to thank for the serendipity. Here, a snapshot look at seven now-married Lasell couples who returned to campus during 2015 Friends, Family and Alumni Weekend in October.

1  Kevin Jean ‘13 and Orthelande Merisier Jean '13 met at 2009 Freshman Orientation. She is now an accountant, and he is a physical education manager. They have an almost-two-year-old son, Kaiel, and live in Hyde Park, MA. Their favorite Lasell memory? "The late-night Campus Center runs."

2  Nelroy Nelson G'11 and Amanda Allen Nelson ‘09/G'10 went to different undergraduate schools but she did her final year at Lasell while he was in the graduate program. They have two sons, five-year-old Nelroy Jr. and one-year-old Nathan. She is a marketing coordinator at The Nonprofit Quarterly; he is a human resources rep at the Visiting Nurses Association of Boston. Best memory? "We crossed the Commencement stage in May and got married that July."

3  Sarah Pochebit Costa '06 and Dan Costa '05 met "pre-cellphone" when Sarah showed up on campus early in her freshman year for pre-season Women's Soccer--and Dan was the PA announcer at game. They now live in North Grafton, MA with their two-year-old daughter, Emma Grace. Sarah is assistant education director at The Barn, Dan is a police officer in Weston, MA. Their favorite Lasell memory? "The small school atmosphere and the great group of friends we still keep in touch with.

4  Mitch Phillips '04/MSM ‘06 and Danielle Grethel Phillips '06 were both very involved in clubs and other activities and kept running into each other on campus. With the help of some Instant Messaging "all we had before Facebook!," Danielle says, they managed to find time to connect. The couple lives in Swampscott, MA with their two Yorkshire Terriers. He is director of sales for Peloton Group (as well as a Lasell Overseer); she is owner and wardrobe consultant at HubFashion. Best thing about Lasell? "The communal pride Lasell students created on our small campus. Many of us from various class years still connect on a regular basis."

5  Christine Maturo Breen '07 and Christopher Breen '08 first connected in Woodland Hall during the 2004 Red Sox-Yankees Playoff series; he bet Christine she'd go on a date with him if the Sox won (the home team did)-though the rendezvous never quite happened. A few years later, they had a class together . . . and the rest is history. Now living in South Weymouth, MA, Christine is an IT service specialist in communications for Cigna; Chris is a business analyst and bartender. Best Lasell memory? "The lifelong friends we made and still have; all were either in or at our wedding."

6  Ami Ruehrwein Wall '03 and Troy Wall '05 were paired together alphabetically when both were Orientation leaders in summer 2002 (though he was already an RA), soon became inseparable "and the rest is history," Ami tells Leaves. She is a stylist and corporate sales executive for Macy's; he is director of communications for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The couple lives in Wakefield, MA and has a seven-year-old daughter, Olivia Grace. Their favorite thing about Lasell? "We both found our dearest friends there and are thankful to have them in our lives."

7  Randyl Stillman '07 and Lindsie Cameron Stillman '07 met at a party and both developed crushes on each other (but were too shy to admit it). Three years after graduating, she messaged him on Facebook "and the truth came out." The couple lives in Waltham, MA. Lindsie is store director for the Boston Children's Museum Gift Store; he is a senior insurance analyst for athenahealth. Favorite thing about their alma mater? "Lasell allowed us to be ourselves and become our own adults."

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