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Trustee Irv Gruverman

Man of Many (Lasell) Hats

Trustee Irv Gruverman in his groove at Lasell Village

It's a long way from teeming Bedford-Stuyvestant to leafy Lasell Village. For Irwin J. "Irv" Gruverman, however, the trajectory from city life in Brooklyn to Village life in Auburndale makes perfect sense.

A retired engineer, Gruverman is a familiar presence on campus, bringing his respected savvy to dining rooms, classrooms and board rooms-as a longtime Lasell Village resident, enthusiastic student and member of the College's Board of Trustees.

"Marjorie and I loved the idea of moving to a college environment, especially the requirement to attend classes," the Cooper Union and MIT graduate tells Leaves. "Living amongst like-minded people, with the prospect of excellent meals, rich conversation and a full schedule of activities was very appealing."

And so, in 2003, the Gruvermans, parents of two and grandparents of one, relocated from nearby Needham, MA to Seminary Avenue to begin a life chapter that continues to thrive.

After a career in physical science, first as an engineer and chemist, later as a manager, then as a founder of several medically oriented companies, this former venture capitalist helped to found and/or fund some 50 biotech and medically oriented companies. When he's not busy with his many Lasell commitments, Gruverman does some consulting work and actively manages a family investment fund.

"Our expectations at the Village have been met," Gruverman says, "and we even discovered new activities to pursue. I've joined our Voices of Experience chorus and theatrical groups; Marge has expanded her reading and artistic endeavors."

Interacting with students in the dining room, learning from gifted faculty leading classes at the College and Village, having access to a diverse roster of timely events, and being a voice on the Board of Trustees all spoke to the couple's positive impression of a "rapidly changing environment and quality of the College and its faculty, students and administration." And reinforced their commitment to supporting Lasell's educational agenda with time, energy and money.

As a Trustee, Gruverman's focus is on growing the College's science agenda and supporting service learning activity. He helped organize a popular micro-lending program to benefit the lives of villagers in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico as part of the College's Shoulder-to-Shoulder initiative. "The loans get repaid, the Mexican villagers enjoy significant improvements and the Lasell students have a powerful service learning experience," Gruverman tells Leaves. All in all, he finds being involved in the effort "inspiring and valuable."

Most recently, Gruverman generously established and provided initial funding for five stipends of $3,000 each to enable deserving students to pursue otherwise unpaid internships as part of their Connected Learning experience.

Like many of their neighbors, as they age, the Gruvermans find their evolving needs-for shelter, companionship, stimulation and general joie de vivre-comfortably satisfied at Lasell Village.

"We don't have to travel anymore," the Village enthusiast exclaims. "It's all here!"

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