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Reading, Running...and (Mackle) More

Kyle Northrup '15

Kyle Northrup leads the pack.

Kyle Northrup was not an elite athlete at Bellingham (MA) Middle School. That is, not until an eighth-grade teacher encouraged him to go out for the fledgling cross country Team. "I was not great at first, but I loved it," Northrup recalls. "I wound up setting records and running in the state's competition."

He continued setting records as captain of the Bellingham High track team when Lasell Cross Country Coach James Martin ‘03 took notice and reached out. "We're rebuilding our program," Martin told Northrup, "and we'd like you to be part of it."

"I was looking for a small school," Northrup tells Leaves. "I visited campus for an interview and knew it would be the place for me."

Now captain of the Lasell Men's Cross Country team, Northrup runs 70 miles a week, works 30 hours a week at Marathon Sports in Wellesley ("my job is teaching people about their feet") and takes five undergraduate classes.

An Education major with a concentration in Secondary English, as a sophomore he taught humanities to high-schoolers at Boston's Urban Science Academy .

The 20-year-old Lasell junior finished the 26-mile Boston Marathon in 2011 and joined Chris Johnson '03 to run the final miles of this year's race, crossing the Boylston Street finish line together "about an hour before the bombs went off."

Northrup's off-track interests range from the poetry of Harlem Renaissance master Langston Hughes to the rap stylings of Macklemore; from writing for the Fashion Department's Polished magazine to performing at open mic nights on campus. He already has an internship lined up for Summer 2014 at the Saucony Design Lab in Concord and plans to professional career in teaching or in the footwear industry.

"I wasn't a good student in high school, but I made Dean's List here," the record-breaking Laser tells Leaves. "The classes are small, my teachers care about me and now I care more about my grades. That's Lasell."

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