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College Rolls Out Innovative New Major

Resort and Casino Management

With casinos on Massachusetts' doorstep, and state voters poised to approve three sites across the Commonwealth, Lasell College took a bold step this Spring to become the first College in the state to offer a major in Resort and Casino Management.

Lasell added the new degree program, which already has two students declared and six in the process, in September. The goal: To capitalize on the competition among developers for the three casino licenses across Massachusetts and to prepare students for management positions at those locations.

"The Resort and Casino Management major will allow present and future students to study a field that is about to dramatically increase in Massachusetts. We believe that this additional major will attract students from within and beyond the region, as there are very few Bachelor's Degree programs in Casino Management in the U.S., and none currently in Massachusetts," Jim Ostrow, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Lasell, tells Leaves.

The move broadens the College's current Hospitality and Event Management Bachelor of Science degree program. With the addition, Lasell now offers three discrete majors in Hospitality Management, Event Management and Resort and Casino Management.

Currently no Resort and Casino Management degree programs exist at Massachusetts colleges or universities. As part of this initiative, the College also intends to create a strong industry partnership in order to allow students to enhance their work in the classroom through Lasell's hands-on educational philosophy of Connected Learning.

Among the courses to be offered in the new Resort and Casino Management major are:

• Regulatory Legal Security Aspects of Casino Operations
• Technology in Casino Operations
• Advanced Resort and Casino Management
• Legal Issues and Ethics in the Hospitality Industry

College officials also hope to forge a partnership with one of the casino management companies so that students will be connected to potential field experiences once the resorts are up and running.

"We have been meeting with industry professionals who have endorsed our curriculum and given us advice on our focus," Ostrow continues.

Among the suggestions: ensuring students understand sustainable building guidelines, master best business management practices and become well-versed in government and community relations.

The new major has many on campus buzzing, with students are mapping out a possible new direction for their academic focus.

Ostrow adds, "We think our students will benefit tremendously from this new major and set them apart from their counterparts when they seek employment."

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