Lasell Works is a cost-saving initiative created by Lasell University to help ease the financial burden of higher education. Students accepted to the Lasell Works program will experience the same education and benefits of a traditional 4-year university experience. The difference is—Lasell Works students will pay less in tuition each year they are enrolled.

Lasell Works


As the name implies, Lasell Works focuses on the professional development of enrolled students with a required six credit-bearing seminars woven throughout the Lasell Works experience. Seminars emphasize leadership, financial literacy, professional and career development. During a students second year they will be required to live off-campus, taking online courses, and working part time as they practice the lessons learned in the seminars by our industry-leading faculty. See the detailed breakdown of cost and experience year by year


Lasell Works students participate in six seminars as a cohort, sharing a common experience as they explore professional career possibilities, reflect on personal strengths, and examine areas of potential growth all while working towards their bachelor's degree. Students have access to all of the clubs, organizations and co-curricular programming and services of the University, including academic support, health and counseling services, academic advising, fitness facilities, library resources, and career services. All Lasell students participate in at least one professional internship, many choose more. Working closely with an advisor, students may choose to study abroad under the Lasell home tuition model. All academic plans are customized and outlined per program of study.


While the cost of tuition decreases each year, a four year total of $10,000, most students will see dramatic reductions in their out of pocket expenses as scholarships and financial aid are applied to their account. Resident students have the added savings of second year room and board. For examples of actual student awards, please review these cost worksheets