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Undergraduate Admissions

Rosa Del Carmen Gomez

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Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Major: Communication with a concentration in Journalism & Media Writing


  • Spanish Language Studies Minor
  • Criminal Justice Minor
  • Psychology Minor

Why did you choose your major at Lasell?
I chose to pursue a degree in Communications because I thought it would be the best fit for me. As a student, I am hardworking, motivated,passionate, and organized. These characteristics help me greatly in my major. I love my major and I feel like it's the right fit for me. I am social and enthusiastic. I love interacting with different people and I love media.

One professional goal I have for after Lasell is to go to Graduate School. My life goal is to go into broadcasting and become a television anchor. At some point of my life I also want to pursue a career in Criminal Justice and become a police official.

What was it that brought you to Lasell, particularly in regard to your major? 
I was first attracted to Lasell when I visited campus on accepted students day and I got to sit in a Communications presentation. This was the first time I saw how strong Lasell College's Communications program truly was. That day I learned about the Connected Learning Communications Trip to Washington D.C and a year later I ended up being one of the individuals to go on the trip. 

I have been able to see in just a year how Lasell has continued to improve the Communications major. One of my favorite aspects of Lasell is Connected Learning. Personally this is the best way for me to learn. The small classes were also very important to me because I was able to connect with my professors and get to know them on a personal level.

What activities are you involved in or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.)?

  • Peer Mentor
  • Member of Student Alumni Association- Chair of Campus Engagement 
  • Blue Key Society Ambassador
  • Paces Assistant at the CCBL - Center for Community Based Learning
  • Partnerships for Academic Confidence and Educational Success (PACES) Program Mentor-Tutor 
  • Member of LCTV

Favorite class you have taken at Lasell and why?
There have been several classes that I have taken at Lasell that I have loved but there is one course that stands out from the rest. One of my favorite classes was COM 105: Writing for the Media. This course really challenged me and I grew as a writer. My professor was challenging and I saw myself working hard to meet and even exceed her expectations of me. I was proud of myself once I completed this course with a good grade. I explored a part of Communication that I had never considered. This course was one of the reasons that I changed my concentration to Journalism and Media Writing.

What do you like to do off campus or in Boston?
Whenever I am off campus I enjoy going to Boston. I enjoy going to the museums, red sox's games, and walking in park in the city. I also have friends and family members who live in school and I like going to visit them.

Do you have an interesting story or great memory from Lasell that you would be willing to share? 
One great memory I have from Lasell is going on the Connected Learning Communications Trip to Washington D.C. I was so thankful for the opportunity to be one of the applicants who was chosen to go on the trip. I had never been to Washington D.C before this trip and it was amazing seeing all the monuments as well as having the opportunity to do some networking in a completely different state than where I lived.