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Undergraduate Admissions

Elana Korman

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Hometown and State:
Cheshire, Connecticut

Criminal Justice

What activities are you or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.):
I am a vice president on the Campus Activities Board. I am also a Blue Key Society Ambassador for the admissions office.  

Any internship you may have done or are looking to do?
I am currently in an internship at an early intervention program. Currently I am searching for a full year internship for my senior year.  

Why did you choose Lasell?
I chose Lasell for the endless opportunities I am presented with here. With the small class sizes and short distance from Boston, the opportunities are endless.  

What is your favorite Connected Learning project/experience so far?
My favorites Connected Learning experience so far was in my child development class. In class, we learned about the average development of a child, but I was also required to go to The Barn once a week and observe the same child throughout the semester. I was truly able to understand child development when Connected Learning was applied to that class.

What is your favorite Lasell event or tradition?
My favorite Lasell tradition is the torch light parade. Seniors are given a torch that represents their legacy and knowledge here at Lasell. They then choose an underclassmen to hand that torch down to. It is a major event here at Lasell College. I received a torch my sophomore year and I was very proud to continue their legacy.  

What is your favorite class so far and why?
My favorite class so far has been my Intro to Criminal Justice class because my professor was a retired cop and it was extremely interesting to hear his stories in the classroom.  

What has been your favorite memory so far at Lasell?
My favorite memory at Lasell was Marathon Monday. The Boston Marathon runs right past our campus and I had so much fun cheering on our fellow Lasers running in the marathon.   

What was it about Lasell that interested you?
Lasell interested me because of it's learning philosophy. Connected Learning is very unique and we have so many resources to support Connected Learning on campus, such as two daycares and an elderly living community.  

If you did a campus visit to Lasell, what was your impression of the college?
When I came on a visit to Lasell, I was impressed with how friendly everyone was. I kept seeing smiles on my tour and people would say hi when walking by them. I got a community feel for the school when I visited.  

How did you decide that Lasell was right for you?
I decided Lasell was right for me when I saw how many events the campus holds for students. Although, it is a small school, there is always something fun going on for students.

If you could tell a prospective student why they should come to Lasell, what would you say?
I would tell a perspective student to come to Lasell because we truly are a community, not just a school. We support each other in times of need and celebrate in times of joy.  Students come together to make Lasell home for the next four years.