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Undergraduate Admissions

Caitlyn Garcia

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Hometown and State:
Moreno Valley, California

Why did you choose to attend Lasell?
I choose to attend Lasell because of the location and the area for my field. I would like to go into sports broadcasting and I think that Boston is the perfect area. It is a known sports town and there are many outlets for me to explore. I also choose Lasell because I wanted to play a sport in college and the volleyball coach recruited me to play out here.

What activities are you involved in?
Right now I am part of the women’s volleyball team and the Center for Community Based Learning, but next year I hope to join the newspaper and many more clubs.

What is your favorite Lasell event or tradition?
My favorite tradition at Lasell would have to be the Torchlight Parade. I love seeing all the seniors with the underclassmen passing on their legacy. I personally got to be a part of this my freshmen year and it was really emotional. The whole atmosphere of the event is just heartwarming knowing that Lasell is a community.

What has been your favorite class at Lasell?
My favorite class at Lasell was my Journalism class. I enjoyed this class because it taught me a lot about my own writing and before the class I was not a fan of writing, but after I grew to love it and potentially may now join the newspaper.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus?
My favorite place to hang out on campus would be when it nice and sunny out to head over to the beach volleyball court. It is relaxing and I get to hang out with all my friends while watching and even playing volleyball.

What do you like to do off campus or in Boston?
I enjoy going into Boston when I have the free time and just walking Newbury Street or even going to a Red Sox game.