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Undergraduate Admission

Alexandra Hoffman

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Hometown and State:
Milford, New Hampshire


Activities you are or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.):
On campus, I have been part of many different clubs and activities. Currently, I am the interim president of the Lasell Student National Association for Catering and Events chapter (NACE). I have also just ended my first season of managing the Lasell Women's Basketball team. I am one of three event coordinators for Hospitality Day which takes place annually in March.  I also work in Admissions as a Blue Key Society Ambassador, giving tours to prospective Lasell students.

Any internship you may have done or are looking to do?
My field experience during my sophomore year was Hospitality Day, coordinating on campus with two wonderful upperclassmen. This field experience became one of my many extracurricular activities and I continued planning it throughout my junior year and I will plan it until I graduate in May 2018. For my second internship, which I plan on completing in the upcoming fall semester, I hope to be placed with Corinthian Events. It's a destination management and event planning company in Boston.

Why did you choose Lasell?
I chose Lasell because I could answer one simple question: can I see myself living here for four years? I didn't just pick Lasell because of its internship program, neighborhood atmosphere, or proximity to Boston. When you step on campus the one undeniable attribute that Lasell has is its community. The people, professors, staff and students that make up this college are incomparable. So when I asked myself if I could see myself living here for four years, and seeing the type of community Lasell was it was easy to make my decision. 

What is your favorite Connected Learning project/experience so far?
My favorite Connected Learning project thus far would have to be the wedding I planned in my sophomore year in my advanced special events class. We met with Crystal, the bride, in February and she was married in April. It was an incredible experience to be a coordinator for a real-life wedding at 19 years of age. We did everything from transporting her cake from Pawtucket to Newport, RI to decorating the venue. It was an experience I wouldn't have had at another college. 

What is your favorite Lasell event or tradition?
My favorite Lasell tradition is torchlight. The torch light parade is an amazing tradition that reminds us that even once our time is done at Lasell, we have met people during our time here who will carry on our legacy.  I also like it because as a tour guide we bring prospective students down part of the parade route so whether you were aware or not you walked the parade route the first time you decided to see Lasell and you walk that same route the day you leave and graduate.

What is your favorite class so far and why?
 I really enjoyed my Professional Communication class with Erin Vicente. It is a class that you don't necessarily think to take as an event management major, but you benefit from this class. You learn real world applicable information from email writing, to how to apologize, to finessing your best resume and cover letter. You even learn how to write a business plan and how to present in a professional manner. If you ever have the chance to take this class, do it, you won't regret the lessons you learn.

What has been your favorite memory so far at Lasell?
My favorite memory at Lasell so far would have to be sitting on my porch of the house I live in and watching everybody walk to and from class. It sounds simple, but it reminds me of how great our community is. Also, it reminds me of how lucky I was to live in one of the amazing Victorian houses we have on campus, one with a porch none the less.

What was it about Lasell that interested you?
Lasell interested me because it was a small school where I knew I wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. I knew I needed to be a name and not a number and Lasell provides me with this need every day. Lasell also interested me because it was close enough to Boston where I knew I would be able to have the city life I wanted, but have the option to take a step back and enjoy being in a suburb.

What was your impression of the college?
When I first visited Lasell, it was for a junior experience day. It allowed me to branch out of a high school mold and see what college was really like. What I think surprised me was how comfortable I was walking around campus and seeing that school and social life could coexist in one place. I loved the atmosphere and the Victorian houses were something I had never seen on other college campuses. It felt like home, and it will continue to be that way until I graduate.

How did you decide that Lasell was right for you?
I knew Lasell was right for me because I felt like I belonged. I had a sense of belonging from the second I stepped on campus as a junior in high school. You are part of our community regardless of if you are a prospective student, a current student, a graduate, or a visitor.