Undergraduate Admissions

Zachary Brower

Zack Brower

Office: Hamel House

Tel: 617-243-2204

Email: zbrower@lasell.edu

Department: Undergraduate Admissions

I grew up in East Stroudsburg, PA, and graduated from Lycoming College in 2014 with a BA in Political Science & History. While I was a student, I was involved across campus, and am particularly proud of being a record holder on the swim team. I was also a tour guide, which helped me discover my love for helping students identify all of the options and opportunities available to them at college!  

Fun Fact: I'm a huge fan of trivia, to the point that I've tried out for Jeopardy. Just waiting for that call from Alex Trebeck!  

Favorite Book: Anything by Philip K. Dick is worth reading, but I'm a particular fan of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It the basis for Blade Runner, and has an incredible mix of action and heady sci-fi.  

Favorite place in Boston: The House of Blues! The building has such a unique layout for a concert hall, it's beautiful, and the variety of acts that come are outstanding!  

Why Lasell? My favorite thing about Lasell is its location- our campus is nestled in a neighborhood with direct access to Boston. Newton gives students a relaxing setting to study and grow, while offering the amenities and opportunities provided by the great city of Boston.