Undergraduate Admissions

Joanne Connolly

Jonanne Connolly

Office: Hamel House

Tel: 617-243-2226

Email: JoConnolly@lasell.edu

I grew up in Framingham, MA and attended three different colleges to get my undergraduate degree. I graduated from Framingham State University in 2012 with a degree in biology and a concentration in secondary education. Through my experience in substituting, I found that teaching is not for me. However, I enjoyed getting to know my students and discovered a true passion in helping them access higher education. Combining this passion with my experience in the college transfer process, I decided to pursue a career in higher education.

Favorite thing to do with free time:
When I'm not working, I enjoy Zumba classes, baking, reading, traveling with my fiancé, Taylor, and singing - both in musicals and in traffic jams.  

Favorite job in college: I worked at AMC Theatres for almost 9 years throughout high school and college (and then after college, too) and it was by far the most fun job I could have had. Great memories, free movies, and a [future] husband!  

Favorite kind of music: Genres are hard, but my favorite musician is Ben Folds.   

Why Lasell? I attended a very large public university for a semester during my college years, and it absolutely wasn't for me. Lasell is the exact opposite: it's not only community-oriented, but you don't have to take a bus to efficiently get from one end of the campus to another. The students here are wonderful, and they make Lasell the great place that it is.