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Undergraduate Admissions

Emily Stanley

Emily Stanley

Office: Hamel House

Tel: 617-243-2231


Department: Undergraduate Admissions

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Please consider scheduling an Admission Interview with me, virtual or in person, at your convenience. While interviews are not required as part of the application process, they help us get to know you - and vice versa! Or consider joining one of our 30-minute Virtual Information Sessions, which are led by an admission counselor like me. You can also take a Virtual, In Person, or Self-Guided Tour of campus!

I was born and raised in East Texas and remain a very proud Texan at heart. During high school, I fell in love with the city of Birmingham, AL, and moved 500 miles away from home for college. I received a BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures and an MA in Applied Sociology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As a student, I was involved, among many other things, as a tour guide, which led to me developing a passion for a career in higher education. I was fortunate to work as an admissions counselor for my alma mater after graduation before continuing my professional journey.

My husband, Taylor, and I met in college and were married in May 2018. Just one month after getting married, we moved to the Greater Boston area. We have truly enjoyed exploring the Northeast, and working for such a warm and welcoming University like Lasell has made me feel right at home! 

Favorite thing to discuss about Lasell or favorite thing about Lasell? Our philosophy of connected learning! I personally benefitted from an experiential education in college, and I love that Lasell offers the same type of hands-on experiences and internships to every student who matriculates here. I also love to talk about our wonderful Lasell community - the faculty, staff, students, residents of Lasell Village, and all of our neighbors. You can easily see that the faculty and staff truly care about the students and each other which gives Lasell such a great community feel.

Most frequently asked question from students about Lasell? "What is the correct pronunciation of 'Lasell'"? This may seem silly, but I get this question a lot, and I love it when I do because I struggled with the same thing when I first learned about Lasell. I'm very sensitive to making sure I pronounce words and names correctly, so before my interview at Lasell, I actually called the bookstore to make sure I was saying the name of the school correctly. For anyone wondering, it's pronounced pretty much exactly as it's spelled - "la sell."

Name some of your hobbies: I love playing with my dog, Finn, exercising, cooking (especially Tex-Mex and Cajun food when we're feeling homesick), reading, playing games, and going to the beach. I especially love getting out in nature any chance I get. 

Why did you choose to work at Lasell? What initially interested me about Lasell is its rich history and how far it has progressed since it was established in 1851. Lasell is a great example of an institution that knows how to change with the times while still maintaining its core values, and I really respect that. Plus, I knew I could get behind promoting a school that provides students with the same kinds of experiences from which I personally benefited!