Wade Gallon '11 - Audit and Reimbursement Analyst

Wade Gallon '11 - Audit and Reimbursement Analyst


Employer: National Government Services
Major: Accounting

I currently work as an analyst in the Medicare field. I am part of a department that audits healthcare facilities all around New England. I believe the classes that I took, specifically in the auditing field, really provided me with some solid knowledge that allowed me to understand my job responsibilities quickly. The accounting and auditing knowledge I received at Lasell really helped me starting off at my current job. Being able to have a general knowledge of the field you are going into can really prove to be a huge advantage. A lot of the tasks I am exposed to in my workplace were at least partially touched on in the classroom.

I experienced connected learning in many of my classes. Many of the problems and other questions we received were tailored to mimic potential "real life" business problems. Many of my accounting classes were really focused on connected learning. Most of what we did was designed to prepare us for the professional world that lay ahead. It was very helpful to have professors who had a lot of experience in their own respective fields as they were able to bring their work experiences in to the classroom. This helped because it let us know that what we were learning wasn't just going to become irrelevant after we graduated, but rather would help us in our professional endeavors.

I think my connected learning experiences helped me realize what to expect post-graduation. Many of my work experiences had aspects that were at least somewhat familiar to me due to the education I received at Lasell. I believe that the experiences I had laid a good foundation for me to build upon as I learned more and more through my work experiences.