Taylor Curran, CPA '11 - Senior Associate

Taylor Curran, CPA '11 - Senior Associate


Employer: Samet & Company, PC
Major: Accounting, Minor in Mathematics

Samet & Company, PC is a public accounting firm located in Chestnut Hill, Mass. We offer tax, assurance and business advisory services to our clients. As a senior associate, I am responsible for many things such as managing tax and business accounting engagements, for having constant contact with clients and for mentoring newer staff. Lasell prepared me for what I do in so many ways. Most importantly, I gained the appropriate knowledge from my accounting, business and mathematics courses to be able to effectively apply technical knowledge every day on the engagements I work on.

I was able to strengthen my communication skills at Lasell in not only my course work but also my involvement with Admissions and the Business Office. Lastly, working as a tutor and FYS peer mentor more than prepared me for intense mentoring and management roles in my office. While at Lasell, I developed an appreciation for a close-knit community and individualized attention and from there, chose a firm that mirrored those principles so that I could ensure the same quality growth in my profession as I experienced in my education.

While attending Lasell, I worked as an accounting and mathematics tutor, I served as a Becker Professional Education student representative and as peer mentor in the First Year Seminar program, and I participated in Accounting Club.

I enjoyed my connected learning experience in Professor Frederics’ class for several reasons. Every Friday we played Monopoly. While this initially sounded like only fun and games (literally), it became so much more. I learned some of the very basic accounting principles and techniques and was able to see them applied in what could very well be a real life scenario, which is what connected learning is all about.

Other examples of connected learning include my involvement in Symposium, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Peer Mentoring, the Business Capstone course, internship seminar, my internship at the Business Office and individual guidance from my accounting professors.

These experiences in some ways offered me the basic technical expertise that I use every day in my current occupation. In other ways, these experiences adequately prepared me for work in a professional setting, for developing relationships with clients and colleagues, and for thinking critically inside and outside of business settings.