Rory Grady '09 - Athletic Trainer

Rory Grady '09 - Athletic Trainer


Employer: U.S. Athletic Training Center
Major: Athletic Training

I am currently an Athletic Trainer at a physical therapy clinic in New York City. My main responsibilities are putting patients through their therapeutic exercise program prescribed by the physical therapist. The Athletic Training program prepared me for a variety of environments when I got into the real world. The course work was very comprehensive and gave me the basics needed to start out into the field. The classes where I learned therapeutic exercise is being used daily and I am only building on that knowledge through working in the clinic.

After my time at Lasell, I took a position as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Adelphi University where I was responsible for the Men's Basketball team. While working at Adelphi, I was able to complete my Master’s in Physical Education which was my other goal. Once I finished at Adelphi, I went into the world of Orthotics and Prosthetics where I worked for East Coast Orthotic and Prosthetics as an orthotic fitter for 8 months learning how to properly measure for and fit a variety of orthopedic braces. I left that position to join the staff at US Athletic Training Center where I am currently employed and working hard to learn the current world of rehabilitation.

The best learning experience I had (at Lasell) was working at St. Sebastian’s School. That was where I learned how to really keep my head on a swivel during multiple competitions. Since the school had students from middle school through high school, I was going to have to communicate with parents about the conditions of their sons. My ACIs were extremely helpful in teaching me field management and efficient side line evaluation.

Being an AT student, we had a unique learning experience compared to the other traditional majors at Lasell. We were place in a new clinical every semester. So we got to experience a lot of Connected Learning.