Katie Farr '11 - Doctoral student in Physical Therapy

Katie Farr '11 - Doctoral student in Physical Therapy


Student: Simmons College
Major: Exercise Science

I am in my third and final year in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Simmons College and will be graduating in August 2015. Prior to entering the program, I took a year off to complete pre-requisite courses required for admission.

I think my experiences at Lasell prepared me extremely well for being a part of the Physical Therapy Program at Simmons. Going into the program, I already was equipped with a good understanding of various aspects of the human body, knowledge of proper training and fitness and how to conduct myself professionally. I also had strong time management and organization skills that have been crucial to me.

The best connected learning experience that I had at Lasell was my internship at CATZ Physical Therapy Institute in Needham, Mass., which houses a very reputable strength and conditioning training programs for athletes of all ages and skills. I feel very fortunate that I was able to have this experience, as there was not a strong student interest in physical therapy at the time. I discussed with the department faculty that I was interested in physical therapy and they were able to set up my internship with CATZ. As a hands-on, multidisciplinary facility, I was actively involved with physical therapy, in addition to observing their strength and conditioning programs.

Fortunately, CATZ offered me a position at the completion of my internship, which further increased my knowledge of the management and administration aspects of physical therapy.