Jillian Riches '13 - Event Success Manager

Jillian Riches '13 - Event Success Manager


Employer: Attend.com
Major: Hospitality and Event Management

In my current role I am an Event Success Manager for Attend.com but what that truly means is that I am an inside sales business development representative. My daily activities include calling different organizations to learn about what they are looking for in an event management platform and book them a time to see our product demonstration if they are interested. I really enjoy the experience of being at such a small yet fast growing company.

Through presentations and classes at Lasell I learned how to determine my opinion and then be able to express that to my professors and peers with evidence to my argument, this is a very important skill in the business world. I also learned about hospitality theories and best practices. It is hard to pin point specific experiences but there are moments at work where I am thinking about how to deal with a situation and I will have flashbacks to a class or lesson or experience I had at Lasell and it helps me through it. I feel like my education from Lasell is always with me and my backbone to my professional life.

I would advise students to complete as many internship and job experiences as possible. I would also advise that these experiences be different so that you build different skills and experiences which will open up more opportunities for jobs after school. I would also suggest that students use projects and classes as opportunities to focus their education on subjects that they care about. Lastly, have fun and appreciate your time at school, working a full time job is like finals that never stop!