Brandon Hanss '10 - Police Officer

Brandon Hanss '10 - Police Officer


Employer: Town of Halifax, Massachusetts
Major: Legal Studies, Minor in Political Science and Business Law

I am currently a Police Officer for The Town of Halifax, Mass. When I entered Lasell as a freshman I had no idea that I would eventually become a police officer. I chose to major in legal studies and started taking classes. By the time I graduated I was confident that I was going to pursue a career in law enforcement. Lasell helped find the right career path for me.

I graduated from Lasell in May 2010. Immediately following graduation I began working as a Risk Analyst for a legal research corporation called LexisNexis. I worked there until I was presented with the opportunity to enter the police academy in November 2011. The academy is an 800hr/20 week course. I was a recruit officer in the police academy from November 2011 until I graduated as a full time police officer in April 2012. I have been working for The Town of Halifax, Massachusetts ever since. I am currently seeking federal law enforcement opportunities with the A.T.F., D.E.A., and U.S. Marshalls Service. The A.T.F. has named me as a leading candidate for a Special Agent-1811 position with their agency.

As a student preparing to enter the work force, the experiences I had at Lasell were invaluable and as an alumnus I am still benefiting from Lasell. Networking with other alumni and staying in contact with professors has helped me tremendously throughout my career. Professor Carlson, a former A.T.F. Special Agent, helped me prepare for an interview with the A.T.F. which I passed. Professor Bucci was my advisor senior year and I still call her for advice today.

Over the course of the four years I attended Lasell, I developed many professional relationships with my professors and advisors as well as many social relationships with students on campus. The people I met and the relationships I made while at Lasell impacted me most.