Austin Traina '09 - Manager of Network and Studio Operations

Austin Traina '09 - Manager of Network and Studio Operations


Employer: Madison Square Garden Network
Major: Communications

I currently manage a staff of 27 technicians. They consist of cameramen, audio engineers, server operators, editors, etc. What I do is allocate their time as needed. I manage network and studio operations for the Knicks, Rangers, Redbulls and Liberty. All the teams on our network have Pre-game, Post-game and halftime shows. I make sure these shows are equipped with the proper personnel as well as equipment. My department is essentially the reason those guys are on television! It gets a little stressful because there is no room for error - we must be on air at a specific time or we begin to lose AD revenue as well as our station not having any picture.

I love my job because I thrive in high pressure situations, and there are few jobs where at 7 p.m. every night you get to see your hard work. It’s gratifying to see that, but it’s also special for me because I have lived in New York and have been a Knicks and Rangers fan since I was little, and now to be in the same arena that some of the most famous athletes and performers have played and performed in is truly amazing.

After graduation I went back home and got lucky with a job at WNET which is PBS in NYC. I was simply serving coffee to edit rooms. However, I kept at it and began learning more and more. I stayed there for 3 years and then I saw a job opportunity at MSG and had a friend that was able to recommend me, and I got the interview and with the confidence I had gained through Lasell, my internships , and my previous job , I nailed the interview and got the job, and the rest is history.

What I have learned in my career path is that you need to have a connection, a basic knowledge of your field, and confidence. I have learned that confidence is the prevailing factor throughout my career. If you believe in yourself others will follow. Lasell with their small campus and more student focused teachings, gave me the confidence to succeed.