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What You Need to Know

Our goal is to make your transfer process to Lasell University as stress-free and seamless as possible.

Becker College and Lasell University agree to the following:

1. Lasell University will offer courses of study toward an associate or a baccalaureate degree for which it is already approved.

2. Lasell University will waive admission application fees for students applying from Becker College.

3. Lasell University will accept students who are in good conduct and academic standing at Becker College as of May 11, 2021.

4. For any Becker College student transferring in to Lasell University, Lasell University will match the institutional financial aid awards, if any, granted to the student by Becker College during the 2021-2022 academic year, provided the student remains continuously enrolled at full-time status in one of Lasell's standard programs and in the same manner as enrolled at Becker, resident or commuter. Becker College students will be charged the same tuition, room and board, and other fees as Lasell University students.

5. Becker College students who have fulfilled one of the following conditions will not be required to complete Lasell University’s Core Curriculum requirements and will be considered to have satisfied all Core Curriculum requirements at Lasell University:

a. Students who have competed all core requirements at Becker College; or

b. Students who have completed the equivalent of the Core Curriculum requirements of Lasell University as reviewed and certified by the Lasell University Registrar.

6. Lasell University will accept and compute into each student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) all letter and numerical grades for coursework as they appear on the Becker College transcript. Those courses and grades will appear on the student’s Lasell University transcript as Becker College coursework.

7. Any Becker College student who fails to apply, be accepted, and matriculate at Lasell University by September 30, 2022, shall be excluded from this MOU.

8. Becker College students matriculating at Lasell University and graduating may choose to receive a degree from either Becker College or Lasell University for as long as Becker College maintains degree-granting authority.

9. Lasell University shall provide academic support to Becker College students transferring to Lasell University and shall ensure that Becker College students are able to register for the classes they need or authorize appropriate substitute courses.

10. Lasell University will conduct a special orientation for transferring Becker College students to answer questions, provide advising, and course registration.

11. Becker College will announce it has reached an agreement with Lasell University and will provide information to students, staff, and parents about the existence of this MOU and the information contained in the MOU.

12. Becker College and Lasell University will provide direct links between their institutional websites, indicating the existence of this MOU.

13. Becker College and Lasell University will exchange data and documents that will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of these transfer arrangements and promote effective cooperation between the two institutions. Becker College will provide Lasell University with admissions, grades, and financial aid data after obtaining appropriate permission from the students involved in compliance with local laws and Department of Education guidelines.

14. Lasell University staff will meet with Becker College students and staff on Becker College’s campus to provide information to students about transferring to Lasell University and work with students and staff on transitioning students to Lasell University.

15. The obligations pursuant to this MOU shall terminate when the first of the following obligations have occurred:

a. All Becker students accepted by Lasell University pursuant to this MOU haveeither graduated from Lasell University or failed to be continuously enrolled at Lasell University; or

b. Four years from the date of this MOU.

16. Lasell University will provide housing for those Becker College students currently residing in campus housing for the fall 2021.

17. Lasell University will waive its residency requirement for Becker College students.

Please review the full Memorandum of Understanding between Becker College and Lasell University and various Academic Pathways to degree completion.