Diane M. Donatio Writing Awards Past Winners

The 2017 Donatio Writing Award ceremony was held on April 27th. The winners were:

 2017 Donatio Writing Award Winners

  • First Prize: Candace Rosado
  • Second Prize: Ashley Owembabazi
  • Third Prize: Cody Martorilli
  • Honorable Mention: Christina Tomasik

The 2016 Donatio Writing Award ceremony was held on April 28th. The winners were:

  • First Prize (tie): Lee Clark & Diana Milkey
  • Third Prize: Holly Chernick
  • Honorable Mention: Michel Pinard
 2016 Donatio Writing Award Winners

The 2015 winners were:

  • First Prize: Rebecca Llanes “Coed Sports: The Best Solution”
  • Second Prize: Jose Delgado “Better Together”
  • Third Prize: Newton Jordao “The Embarrassment”
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Daniel Sordello “Content B, Experience A+”
    • Shannon Motz “Disability is NOT an Inability”
    • Jordan Blackwell “The Rise of Netflix”
    • Meghan Burgess “The R-Word”
 2015 Donatio Writing Award Winners