First Year Writing Program

Writing I and Writing II are designed to provide students with the tools and confidence to be prepared for the writing situations they will encounter in their other courses at Lasell, in the professional world, and in their personal lives as active and engaged citizens.

Writing I focuses on writing as a process. Students are introduced to a variety of strategies and techniques to use as writers. Writing II builds on what students learn in Writing I and includes an emphasis on research writing:

  • Writing I (ENG 101): In this course, students gain understanding of and confidence in effective writing. Students write in several different genres such as narrative, analysis, digital writing, annotated bibliography, researched argument and/or collaborative writing. The course emphasizes writing as a process and focuses on the rhetorical choices writers make. Students who choose to take Writing I Workshop are provided with time during class to work on their writing while the instructor and a peer writing consultant are present to provide assistance.
  • Writing II - ENG 102: This course refines skills gained in ENG101 and builds on them to incorporate more rhetorical reading and research writing. Students will read across disciplines and genres and will write in a variety of genres. Prerequisite: ENG101 or ENG101 Workshop with a grade of C or better.
  • Writing Placement
  • The Diane Donatio Writing Competition (open to students in Writing I)
  • The Braun Writing Competition (open to students in Writing II)