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Study Abroad

A Moment of Clarity and Gratitude

April 03, 2019

My whole experience abroad felt like a dream, and to this day it still feels like another lifetime. So many people talk about their own experiences this way, but no one that I have talked to has had a similar moment of clarity like I had. My friends and I were in Postitano in the Amalfi Coast and we had rented a boat to go cruising around the ocean. We jumped into the bluest water I had ever seen, swam through grottos and into caves, and had the best time. It was during that time in the water with my friends where I finally realized where I the south of Italy, with people who I had become so close to, getting to experience what I've only ever dreamed of.

While I was floating in that bright blue water, I took a look around and was filled with this overwhelming sensation of gratitude. This was the moment I realized that all my hard work had paid off, and that I was meant to be there. Being able to study and travel in and around Europe has given me a different perspective. I am more grateful now than ever for the support from my family and friends in every aspect of my life and I take the time to value the experiences I have been so lucky to have. Going abroad has not only given me the opportunity to travel in ways that other people might never get to experience, it has also given me the confidence to move to another state after graduation at the end of this year. Moving and starting over right now to me is just as scary as before I went abroad, but if I can live in a foreign country for 4 months, then what's another state? Knowing that I have the confidence to live in another strange place is something I never would have discovered if I hadn't studied abroad. That moment of clarity was that confidence finally surfacing in me and I wouldn't trade that moment or anything from my experience for the world.