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Study Abroad

A Day in Firenze

February 25, 2019

I took four classes while abroad, I took an Italian Language class, a Wedding planning class, a Sports Facility and Event Management Class, and a Human Resources class. All of my classes were extremely interesting and I learned so much in all of them! If I had to choose one class that I enjoyed most it would either be my Human Resources Management Class or my Wedding Planning class. Both taught me so much about the hospitality industry. I only had classes Monday-Wednesday and each class is about 2 1/2 hours long, which is a lot but it goes by fast, most times anyways. I spent most of my days at the Oblate library where I spent most of my day looking at the Duomo instead of doing my homework. On the top floor of the library there is a cafe that looks over the Duomo where you can find many students, Italian and American, sitting doing homework or chatting with their friends.

Easter is a very big holiday in Italy, so on Easter Sunday we had to get up extremely early to get to the Duomo so we would be able to see the celebrations, which were full of fireworks and parades throughout the city. After the celebrations we went back to our apartment and had a full Easter brunch, everyone made something and we all got to enjoy each other's company. Everyone was feeling a little bit homesick so being together helped in ways none of us really realized. After brunch we went to the Boboli Gardens at Pitti Palace, where we wandered the gardens for hours. It was simply beautiful. After that we went up to Piazzale Michelangelo so we could watch the sunset before our friend's birthday dinner at Yellow Bar, one of our favorite Florence restaurants. After dinner we went and got gelato at La Carraria our favorite gelato place. After gelato we went and sat on the steps of Santa Croce to enjoy the warm nights Florence had to offer.