Student Experiences


Global Ambassadors have this to say about their study abroad experience: 

  • "Studying abroad changed my entire outlook on life; I gained confidence, maturity, independence, and friendships that will last me a lifetime."
  • "I feel that I have gained so much on an academic and personal level. Living in a different country has help me open my eyes to how big the world really is."
  • "I learned a lot about a new culture, got to travel to fun and exciting places, and met amazing people from all over the world. Studying abroad opened up so many doors for me."
  • "The independence of living in a foreign country was incredible. I have never really traveled before and I traveled a ton during my semester abroad. This opened my eyes and made me more humble and patient."
  • "Study abroad will change your life. It will make you more independent, self-reliant, and be the best few months of your life."
  • "I recommend everyone who is interested in studying abroad to go because of the person you become when you return, the experience, knowledge, culture, and friends you gain while being abroad."


Immersing in the Culture:

  • "Being able to live in a different country was the best experience of my life. You are able to meet people from all walks of life that you never would have been exposed to before, and that can open a lot of doors for you. Studying abroad is something every student should participate in regardless of [their] major."
  • "My experience was something I will always hold close to my heart. There is so much to experience just by walking down the street, with views such as the Duomo and smelling the food being cooked in various restaurants and cafes. I made it a priority to have a better understanding of the language and to practice it. It is easy to notice that the locals appreciate someone willing to learn and emerse themselves in the culture and language." 
  • "The most informative outside of the classroom cultural experience I had actually occurred in another classroom. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the local high school to teach English language and culture. I learned so much about Hungary this way, as I was able to interact with students and ask them questions about their lives, views, and culture. This was an invaluable experience that truly helped me immerse in the culture, as well as give back to the country that was giving so much to me."

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Academics Abroad:

  • "My classes consisted of students from all over the world, not just America, so I learned from many different perspectives. My professors all spoke fluent English and I was able to quickly adjust to the more hands-off European teaching style."
  • "Courses were interactive and taught not only in the classrooms, but also out on the streets of London, which strengthened the courses and added legitimacy to the subjects being taught."
  • "My academic experience was very eye-opening and has taught me a lot. The work I have done this semester I am extremely proud of and I have learned to step up and be a more studious person."