Study Abroad

Mary Fran Hansen

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What was one of your most meaningful experiences?
I had hardly known anyone I was going to be with, but once I got there, I made amazing friendships with complete strangers to me. By the end of the semester we all had bonded and cherished such special memories together.

Why should Lasell students study abroad?
Lasell students should study abroad because we have such an amazing program that allows students to have endless opportunities. The experience is different for everyone, but it is always positive. No one regrets the time they got to live in a foreign country for 4 months at this price. It is so worth all the nerves and hard work. It is a special time one will never forget. 

What is your number one piece of advice for students studying abroad?
My #1 advice for students would be to spend your money on experiences not things!!! 

What is a typical day in the life when studying abroad?
For me, there were two types of typical "days" while studying abroad. Monday-Thursday I would go to my classes and socialize/get to know all the people in my program during that time by going into town with them and adventuring around our city. Friday-Sunday I spent traveling to different countries with my close friends I made while I was there- such an incredible lifestyle!