Study Abroad

Kaley Chamberlain

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What was one of your most meaningful experiences?
One of my most meaningful experiences was stepping outside of my comfort zone and learning new things. Going to Australia taught me so much more than I thought it did. As an example, I learned a lot about the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rain forest and local wildlife through activities like snorkeling, hiking and classes that I took. The best experience was learning to live the way Australians do. 

Why should Lasell students study abroad?
Lasell students should study abroad because there will never be another time in their lives to see the world for such a good deal. You get to see the world, while studying and travelling. It is important to take advantage of times like this. Also, it is important because it is important to be aware of the world around you. There is only so much you can learn about from the United States. 

What is your number one piece of advice for students studying abroad?
Do it and explore! Just do it! Although it can be scary to be that far away without anyone you know, it is worth the trip. When I first went, I was so anxious that I wouldn't make friends and that I would be alone but I met some of the most amazing people there that I think I will be friends with forever! Take the time to explore your surroundings. It is tempting to get comfortable in your host town but go explore. Walk downtown, take weekend trips, you'll never know what you will find! 

What is a typical day in the life when studying abroad?
A typical day would be waking up, grabbing a tea and chocolate muffin, and sitting outside the cafe to people watch before class. Then I would go to class, grab lunch and sit outside. Go back to my room and change for the beach or the pool. Then I would head to the beach and jump in the water. Usually I would boogie board for about an hour, then I would get out and sun bathe and begin working on homework. (Some days I would go explore surrounding towns instead of going to the beach, but rarely would I be doing nothing). After the beach, I would head home, shower and go to dinner with friends. After dinner we would grab ice cream and eat in front of the fountain and talk for hours, sometimes we would take our conversations to the hot tub. Then I would go to sleep and do it all over again!