Study Abroad

Celina Antonovici

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What was one of your most meaningful experiences?
Being able to travel within Europe and the ability to visit my family in Romania after 15 years of seeing them. 

Why should Lasell students study abroad?
Studying abroad is such an incredible experience. It gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures and the different style of education being taught. You also create such a bond and friendships with the other students. 

What is your number one piece of advice for students studying abroad?
You will at some point feel a little homesick but it passes. You'll eventually realize you are in a different country doing your own thing and traveling so you will be happy. Making friends will get your mind off of home and focus on the surroundings 

What is a typical day in the life when studying abroad?
A typical day was to attend class during the morning/afternoon, grab lunch at our favorite restaurant, go to a coffee shop to chit chat and then head into the city on the metro to walk around and shop/window shop or go to a historical monument.