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Becca Van Spall-Hood

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What was one of your most meaningful experiences?
One of my most meaningful experiences was getting to intern at the Bridge Project, an organization dedicated to ending recidivism and creating a less stigmatized community around offenders. The Bridge Project's main focus is to reintegrate recently violent offenders back into the community and to have them develop healthy relationships in order to reduce recidivism. My role was to facilitate positive relationships, engage in several community projects, and input valuable data around client experiences.

Why should Lasell students study abroad?
Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences Lasell has to offer; not only do you get to diversify your academic experience, but you gain so much knowledge about the world, about being culturally competent, and about yourself. 

What is your number one piece of advice for students studying abroad?
My number one piece of advice would be to start saving now, as much as possible. You want to be able to take part in as much as possible while you're abroad, so skipping that coffee at Dunkin one morning or eating in with friends instead of going out makes a huge difference. 

What is a typical day in the life when studying abroad?
When you're abroad, there are honestly no typical days. Everyday is a new adventure, whether it's in the classroom, out in the city, or in another country for the weekend. Going to class is that much more exciting when you go from seeing the Cliffs of Moher in a textbook, to standing on the Cliff's edge itself.